USC Counterclaims

USC Counterclaims

USC counter claims made against Sargon

1. Non-payment of the study fees.

  • Copies of all checks paid to USC were disclosed, showing not only all payments were made from one to three months early, but also additional fees and advances were made. This was requested from Sargon even though the contract specifically prohibited such advances and fees.

 Trademark infringement by Sargon's use of USC's logo, without university's written consent.

  • It is our belief that in order to have a trademark infringement; USC must show that Sargon used the USC logo on its product packaging, which was not done.

USC's continuing education department was giving USC certificates for completion of Sargon courses and was financially profiting from them.

This is a sample of a certificate that was given to the doctors who completed the Sargon training course.